Maana's & Mania'sEdit


This mermaid is Maria Seastar, an under water Model

Mermaids are happy people of the sea. They live in only Misty Sea & Mermaid Sea. Mermaid Sea was was named that way because the mermaids & mermen lived there more than any other part of the world. This is because Mermaid Sea is right on the Equtor of Haksitan. The warm water makes it eazier for Merpeople to stay warm. Misty Sea is a cold damp sea that the evil merpeople stay hiddin. Maana & Mania is what we call them. But we will use your earth words for fun!

Mermaid SongEdit

A mermaid's song is a very beautiful melody on you planet. But it is actually a song, in your most beautiful language, Arabic. If you click on the video to your left, you may get the idea of a mermaid's song.

الجنة .

الجنة .. محمد وديمة بشار طيور الجنة

Mermaid's song

If you have already watched this video you have now known how a duet by a mermaid & merman sounds like.